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30 September 2014 @ 09:53 am
Taiwan Beauty Products Spree #28 - Open! Previously from http://yujue88.livejournal.com/  


静佳Jcode超柔净透洁面刷 进口超细柔刷毛 洗脸超舒服 深层清洁  - $

今日团购 : 日本清洁类工具NO.1!美容达人的新宠!纯手工制作,20万根微米级刷毛,体验前所未有的超柔洁面!JCode超柔净透洁面刷!温和按摩面部,深层清洁毛孔,有效对抗黑头,加强后续产品的吸收,质地轻柔不伤肌肤!精致女人的终极洁面刷!
Today's Deal: Japanese Cleaning Tools NO.1! Beauty Daren new favorite! Handmade, 200 000 micron bristles, experience an unprecedented super soft cleansing! JCode super soft net through the cleansing brush! Gentle facial massage, deep pore cleansing, effective against blackheads, enhance the absorption of subsequent products, soft texture of the skin does not hurt! Delicate woman's ultimate cleansing brush!

Jcode Super Soft Cleansing Bristle Brush

* Super Soft net through
cleansing soft bristle brush to wash Imported ultrafine super comfortable deep cleaning

Imported nanoscale bristles, lint-free, super-soft. Clear pores, super simple ~ manpower necessary artifact